bioly 90% ARK pool

Status: Active

Rank: 3 Approval: 1.33% Productivity: 99.63%


What is ARK?
ARK is DPoS cryptocurrency, "the sandbox for blockchains", founded with ICO in 2016. ARK website
How DPoS works?
DPoS - delegated proof of stake - is a consensus algorithm where new blocks are creating by 51 delegates. Delegate is special type of account, which is able to create new block in "forging" process. They are chosen in voting, only 51 delegates with highest approval get rewards. More
What is "pool"?
Pool is a delegate who share some percentage of forged coins in return for you vote. Voting pools is the easiest way to earn ARK.
How to vote?
There are several tutorials how to vote: Tutorial #1 Tutorial #2 Video tutorial
How are the rewards calculated?
My pool is running on "True block weight" algorithm implementation by goose delegate. It means that rewards are calculated every forged block.
Does vote expire?
No, the vote is valid until you decide to un-vote (operation opposite to vote) delegate.
How much will I earn?
It depends on many factors such as: your vote weight, total pool approval, pool rules, pool productivity. If you want check potentially profits you can use one of calculators maintain by community Calculator #1 Calculator #2 My calculator
"I voted for your delegate X days/weeks ago but haven't recived any ARK. What's going on?"
I make payouts every 3 days, however minimal payout amount is 1ARK (you can change this here) so if you vote with less ARK weight you need to wait longer for first ARKs. You can always check your stats on pool website.


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